The Monotype Of the Day Project

A monotype, is a one of a kind, unique piece of artwork. An image is created on a metal, plexiglass or gelatin plate using ink. Then, a piece of paper is placed on top of the inked plate and pressed in usually with a printing press, but sometimes by hand. When the paper is removed from the plate, the ink tis transferred to the paper, creating a monotype. Only one unique image is printed from each plate.  Occasionally a second (ghost) image may be printed but is always different from the first print.
Creating art is a spiritual act. We are transformed by diving deeply into the creative process. My Monotype of the Day project was created to experience and share this deeply intimate journey. Each day I make an original monotype print and post it along wth commentary to social media. I even brought my print studio to the hospital! so I wouldn’t miss a day! Every morning I sit and empty myself so that the sacred universal flow of creativity can come through my work and be passed on to my viewers. My life’s work is to explore and reveal how this energy passes through our world transforming everything it meets. I chase that moment of transformation and seek to share it through my work. Monotype galleries are posted by month.
This page is under construction so check back often as I add more months. You can view the entire project on my Instagram feed or on my Facebook

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April 2019


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